Alpha-seeking Crypto Roboadvisor

HEYBIT is an automated crypto trading bot based on alpha-seeking quant strategy. Sit back and relax. Your bot will be up and running for you 24/7 not to miss out on return in the bull market while minimizing loss in the bear market.
Alpha in Crypto. HEYBIT.
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Hello, Product Hunt Community! We would like to introduce an alpha-seeking crypto roboadvisor, HEYBIT. We came up with the idea of this service in early 2018, right after watching the "animal spirits" of so many individual investors turn into a crypto bubble which eventually bursted. The huge financial loss from the plunge made the crypto investment unbearable for many. As a solution, we wanted to provide **a sustainable crypto investment service** for individual investors. In order to do that, the service has to be easy, safe, affordable, and most importantly profitable. There are many arbitrage or market-making bots. But most of them were too complicated and expensive. There are passive investing (or indexing) services on seeking market return(beta). But we believe it is a bit too early for the crypto market. Because unlike other asset classes, the correlation between various crypto assets is still quite high, meaning it can be risky just with asset allocation. There are trading bot platforms where you can make your own bot but configurations are too complex for many non-professionals. Or there are marketplaces where you can choose bots made by others but you might be skeptical of the performance on top of their upfront fee and service stability (what if the makers stop the maintenance suddenly?!). So, we decided to come up with a quantitative strategy that makes "alpha(active return)" from active investing to ride on the bull while containing the bear both in short and long term. Here are how we make "alpha in crypto" available for you! (Yes, we make the long-term investment in crypto assets possible, ironically through short-term trading approach!) 1) First, it is easy. All you need to do is "integrate your crypto exchange account with our auto trading bot" and all trades will be managed automatically 24/7. No need for in-depth trading or coding knowledge at all. No need to figure out what acronyms like RSI or SMA even mean or configure the settings for your portfolio. Our quant strategists fine-tuned all that for you. If you like our strategy performance(you can check it on our website!), you just need to create your bot and your are good to go! 2) Second, it is relatively safe(or at least less volatile). Volatility has two sides - an opportunity for huge gain but also huge loss. It is critical to limit the downside risk while not missing out on the upside potential. So based on Volatility Breakout strategy by Larry Williams - which worked well in highly volatile market such as futures by absorbing positive volatilities while avoiding negative ones - we fine-tuned our strategy to fit the characteristics of cryptocurrency market. Since the launch on Aug. 1, 2018 to Mar. 31, 2020, our algorithm which has invested in BTC/ETH/BCH/EOS, has outperformed in return compared to simply holding the four assets in equal portion(25% each). Also, HEYBIT's MDD(maximum observed loss from a peak to a trough of a portfolio) was -8.5% whereas the simply holding would have ended up with -67.9% at its biggest loss point. Even in the recent market downfall, HEYBIT has limited the loss to -1.2%p whereas the simply hold would have resulted in -40.6%p loss during Feb. 16, 2020 to Mar. 16, 2020 like many other assets besides crypto. With such track record, we have accumulated more than US$450M in executed trade. Rest assured, we sincerely value your security as well. We only invest on the crypto assets(BTC/ETH/EOS/BCH/XRP/BNB) in the exchange(Binance.com) with the qualified history in validity and liquidity. Also, you possess all underlying assets in your exchange account. HEYBIT does not have the withdrawal access of them. 3) Third, it is affordable. Even though we are confident with our algorithm through long testings with real accounts, we won't charge any fee until YOU are confident and comfortable with our product. So while in the beta stage, our automated crypto trading bot service will be provided for free. (other than transaction fee charged separately by the exchange of your choice) On top of that, you don't need massive amount of money to start, like US$1 mil. for a hedge fund. All you need is equivalent of $1,000 USDT (and maybe above 18? ;D) and you are more than eligible to be a member! So before it's too late, hop on, sit back and enjoy the ride! **How can I start?** All you need to do is to integrate the API keys of your crypto exchange account on our bot. Currently, HEYBIT is supported in Binance.com, Liquid, Upbit and Bithumb. For more detail, please check out our Website: https://www.heybit.io Twitter: https://twitter.com/@heybit_global Alpha in Crypto HEYBIT
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