I talk to Alexa & Google Home so you don't need to use voice



@gliechtenstein · I made Textcast, Ethan, RubCam
I made this because sometimes I really don't feel like talking to Alexa. Especially when she's playing some loud music she gets full of herself and just completely ignores me, and i have to shout like ten times just to get her to acknowledge me. Sometimes I look at myself doing this and think "this is how machines will take over. I am actually working hard… See more
@gliechtenstein · I made Textcast, Ethan, RubCam
For optimal experience, PLEASE make sure: 1. Your computer is close to your Alexa or Google Home 2. The speaker is on Also, I really want you guys to experience it the right way so please make sure to try the following: A. Have Google Home? => Use Google Play Music? => Try this: http://hey.run/396 => Use Pandora? => Try this: http://hey.ru… See more
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
This. Is. Awesome. Haha!! I love it!!! Added to Ultimage Guide To Voice Assistants and Skills.WTF
Hans van Gent
This is for my shy peeps out there!
Maria J. Vazquez
@vazmajo · LUMA Partners
Fantastic! Google doesn't get my accent some times ;)