A new social network that revolves around stories 📸

Hey is not just another social network. It's a place where the clocks tick differently. You can be yourself, express who you are because everything you share with the world is ephemeral and can be edited or deleted in the blink of an eye. Think it's like Snapchat? It's not. Think it's like facebook? It's not. Try for yourself!

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Hey @jonaslecking, What made you want to build Hey?
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@jacqvon Well the thing is, that every social network is kind of unnatural; I mean, imagine if Facebook was real. It’s like there’s always someone recording what you say, analyzing it and stuff like that. The other extreme is Snapchat. The thing with Snapchat is, that messages disappear after 24 hours which makes it hard to professionally communicate with it. I think Hey is a good mix: it’s like a Snapchat where your data gets edited instead of deleted and where you can text instead of sending pictures.
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Who is your target audience for this? How many are using it now?
@delwilliams Actually I think there is no specific target audience, people ranging from 9-99 can use it. But probably it’s rather going to be teenagers because they adopt more rapidly to new usage patterns. As of right now (24 hours on the AppStore) we have already got 112 active daily customers that at least posted a status or send me a message.
This is a pretty cool concept! @jonaslecking