Website Analyzer and Instant Exposure Detection System

The Hexometer (HX) algorithm assigns each website a numeric value. That value is a particular website’s HX Rank calculated by a proprietary formula using public data about the domain name, the website's technical parameters and structure.
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Hey Hunters! I'm CTO&Co-Founder at hexact.io, the maker of Hexometer.com We are exited to announce that after hard work and huge amounts of datasets processing, we are able to rank and categorize entire internet web resources using almost all possible criterias available publicly. This will help to detect malware websites more easily and get more insights about website as a company or reputation on a web. We are still collecting and processing data from public sources. Stay tuned by registering at hexometer.com ! We will be happy to answer all your questions.
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Never found similar item


Tool for everyday!


More and more functions

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Strongly recommend.


Cool product.


More tools!

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@eulerr Thank you!
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Guys I strongly recommend you to use this extension


Helps to be confident wether to trust the website or not


Can't wait for more tools. It is probably the best item I have ever found.

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