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The Hexometer (HX) algorithm assigns each website a numeric value. That value is a particular website’s HX Rank calculated by a proprietary formula using public data about the domain name, the website's technical parameters and structure.
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    Nothing new.

    I cannot find at least one new feature. Check your competitors. Add visualisations, maps, not just some ordinary statistics that anybody can get them from the big internet. I was expecting more from the "algorithm". I'm sorry

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    Tools for every day



    I ike it

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Hey Hunters! I'm CTO&Co-Founder at hexact.io, the maker of Hexometer.com We are exited to announce that after hard work and huge amounts of datasets processing, we are able to rank and categorize entire internet web resources using almost all possible criterias available publicly. This will help to detect malware websites more easily and get more insights about website as a company or reputation on a web. We are still collecting and processing data from public sources. Stay tuned by registering at hexometer.com ! We will be happy to answer all your questions.
@eulerr Thank you!
Very useful tool and the free chrome extension works really well, I've been using it for a couple of days now and I have no complains. The audit is also great to get more insight about a website. Good job !
@cassandra_beaulieu Great to hear that! Thank you
Assigns a numeric value for what?
@joshdance thanks for question. HX rank is basically from 1 to 16 numeric value which includes analysis of data points like - Website broken links - Domain age - Malware blacklisting - Https availability - etc... Using that HX numeric Ranking value, you can understand the overall reputation of Website.
Hi, I would like to know why the extension works perfectly for so many well-known websites but at the same time it doesn't show any information for some websites, e.g. for aritun.am ? Thanks in advance)))
@anna_saribekyan1 Thanks for good question. We are still collecting and processing data to generate the HX Rank, if you check and see message like this "No data for this website..." it means that we didn't yet scanned the mentioned website, but you can click "Analyse" button in the extension and it will be done instantly.
@saslanyan Oh it works ))) Thank you so much!!
@saslanyan @anna_saribekyan1 same confusion was with me, thank you for question and helpful answer