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The first major design for GoPro's camera since the 2007 release. It's available for purchase starting next week. You can check out a nice review of it here: http://www.wired.com/2015/07/new...
@erictwillis man I love GoPro, can't wait til their drone comes out. This thing is waterproof up until 33feet btw, that's awesome!
@erictwillis Oh my goodness! It's miniscule and they've managed to get 2 hrs battery life, which is an improvement. I haven't owned one previously, but I'm very tempted now!
@erictwillis LOVE a GoPro! It's on my Xmas list...
@erictwillis I'm really digging the aesthetic changes, this looks slick, whereas before they still looked kind of dorky.
It really seems to be pretty much the same camera as The Polaroid Cube.
@troblous for 4x the price, it doesn't make any sense.
I've always been a huge fan of GoPro and I'm looking forward to this update. The design is definitely more visually appealing and I love the smaller profile. I do have two big concerns about this, though, which might be deal-breakers for me: 1. You can't swap out the battery -- this is a big issue for long trips away from a power source. 2. No built-in viewfinder, so you need to pair with the phone to confirm you got a good shot in the moment. Hopefully GoPro will make the pairing process better, because it's currently really clunky, slow, and drains battery life (see #1).
@seanoliver Hey Sean, thanks for the notes. Makes me think the Hero 4 Silver might be a better choice for me. That has the screen, swappable battery and has great resolution etc. (I don't need 4K).
I don't get the price... lower specs and the same price of the Hero4 Silver.
Built in battery is not good for pro use as people off the grid and on the fly can't just swap batteries and go. They needed a more simple consumer camera with an easier toggle menu and this looks like the right fit.