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Corey Stone
@coreywstone · UX guy, Founder of HERO Keyboard
Yeah - while still not easy, I feel like changing a mobile keyboard fro mQWERTY is easier than a physical keyboard, because with physical keyboards, you've got 10 fingers' muscle memory and possibly decades of learned behavior, whereas smartphone keyboards haven't been around too long, and it's a bit more of a hunt-and-peck style of 1 or 2-finger typing, often holding the phone in different ways (one hand, cradle, etc), so the usage patterns aren't as entrenched on mobile. Also, I think to improve the chance of success, a keyboard can't go TOO far, like some of the really ambitious ones I've seen that have training games that go along with them. On HERO, I was trying to make it accessible enough that anyone could at least pick it up and use it with no instruction.