HERE Interactive Meditation

Harnessing neuroscience to disrupt patterns of stress

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HERE Interactive Meditation offers scientifically-grounded interactive exercises to quickly interrupt patterns of stress. The app supports a mission to ease human suffering with digital treatment technologies that help humanity triumph over trauma.

Science. Peace. Purpose. #hereglobal

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Howard Hunt
Howard HuntMaker@howardhunt · I make mobile stuff to make people happy
Happy to share my new offering with our fellow hunters. HERE is a meditation app with game-like interaction modules that blend breathing, staring and swiping components, to quickly interrupt stress patterns. The science is pretty simple. | SWIPING – improves executive function by stimulating both hemispheres of the brain | STARING – promotes a daydream state, and the unconscious connecting of dots | BREATHING – instills a deep state of relaxation (.. not exactly revolutionary) Because interaction provides focus for a wandering mind, this is a great tool for people who struggle to sit still, or quietly for extended periods. It also helps people all along the stress spectrum including those triggered by trauma. (Side note: we ran a 3 month pilot that revealed double digit improvements in measures of stress, anxiety and depression on the pre/during/post DASS scale.) Call it a peace hack. Call it meditation light. The reality is, it really works. If you only have a few minutes between meetings, during transit, or before bed, you can fire up a short session and in as little as 3 minutes, feel a sense of peace and recalibration. Plus you can choose to use an interaction module to dial yourself in briefly, and then settle back into an extended meditation session. That’s one of the benefits of HERE, it’s versatile and gives you plenty of scope to customize your session. A small range of audio is on offer; from idyllic instrumentals, to beat driven music, and guided conversations with your higher self (hands up if you like you a side of woo-woo with your science). We’re shooting for the intersection of science, soul and technology and have released the app FREE on iOS and Android. HERE GLOBAL FOUNDATION is a nonprofit that will modify this app for specific communities on the frontlines of trauma, where mental health services under-resourced, including refugees, victims of violence, veterans and other mental health advocacy groups. Obviously this is an MVP so there are LOADS of ways it can be improved over time. And knowing how crowded the meditation space is, I’m sure our hunter community will have kind-hearted yet crucial feedback on this meditation twist. Frankly I’m just glad I didn’t hunt my app on the same day my hero @samharrisofficial dropped his :) So there you have it hunterinos Science. Peace. Purpose. #hereglobal
Jane Macky
Jane Macky@janepollymacky · Director, Biz Dev & Strategy
Awesome to see technology and meditation come together in such an elegant solution - this is the way forward. Thanks guys!
Love this! A lot more intuitive than other apps I’ve tried.
Mick de Meijer
Mick de Meijer@mrdemeijer
Calms me down for real, in a fun way. Love it.
Stephanie Lauren Bacher
Stephanie Lauren Bacher@sbacher · Associate Director, Client Services
Love how intuitive and engaging the app is! I'll be using it regularly!! Thank you!