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Richard@richardlovesfaq · Founder,
Hey PH, Founder here! I started because I was tired of choosing between always reinventing the wheel when it came to building out a support center website manually, or having to use a bulky tool like Zendesk that focuses on a million different features, when all I care about is the hosted knowledge base software. A few nice things: - Really fas… See more
Rahul Dewan@rahulda1 · Engineer
@richardlovesfaq @algolia Hey, this is really awesome. I've invested a lot of time on our help desk, and had a couple of questions/feature requests: * Are you planning to add e-mail validation to the contact form? A lot of people mis-type their e-mail on ours and we can't contact them (something like a domain validator, plus a message that says to look for … See more
Shannon Moore@hellosmoore · Product Manager @ HomeAdvisor
@richardlovesfaq How well does this play with chat options, and support tiering. Like the site! A previous company I was at struggled with this, so I foresee a lot of people benefitting from it!
Richard@richardlovesfaq · Founder,
@rahulda1 Thanks! Email validator -- great idea. Hadn't thought of this yet but it makes perfect sense in our quest to have the world's best contact form. Voting buttons -- definitely planned, along with analytics/stats of articles. Subdirectory -- not likely since mixing content with other content on the same domain, while possible using iframes or javas… See more
Obaid Rahimi@obaidr · shoemates
@richardlovesfaq @algolia Thanks. We just wanted to add a FAQ to our website and now we have a very simple, good looking one and team members can work simultaneously. *thumbsup*
Richard@richardlovesfaq · Founder,
@hellosmoore Since we allow you to use custom HTML, you can easily drop in any chat widget tool (olark, zopim, livechat, etc)
Shubham Badal@shubhambadal · CybrHome CEO, Internet & product geek.
@richardlovesfaq hey, just got to know about helpsite yday, and its really awesome! much needed in this world. however I feel helpsite and helpscout docs are very similar. I want your views on how is this different from helpscout docs? (as they also offer a good free plan) is this still being developed, what's the future?
Richard@richardlovesfaq · Founder,
@shubhambadal Hey Shubham, Yep, is still being very actively worked on! Yep, we're not the only ones with a free plan, but a company like HelpScout is always going to focus more on their ticketing system and other features whereas we will exclusively be focusing on making the helpsite/KB/FAQs better. We've got some more goodies in store for our … See more