Helpmonks 2.0

The collaborative email platform for your team


Helpmonks 2.0 is the brand new version of the successful email collaboration platform. In 2.0 you will find new integration and plugins: Trello, LiveChat, Custom Fields, Customer Satisfaction Ratings and Custom Application (integrate with your own apps). Furthermore, we will introduce our Helpmonks CRM and automated email marketing tool, soon.

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2 Reviews5.0/5

Helpmonks is the perfect concept (charge for a support desk on a per mailbox basis and not a per agent basis). Like HelpScout and Freshdesk, Helpmonks is oriented towards seamless support via email. For us, Helpmonks is just short of the polish necessary to allow us to move from Teamwork Desk. We're watching Helpmonks closely though. Helpmonks is the most affordable quality email support help desk option on the market.


Great concept, very customer friendly organisation, great pricing.


Unfinished UX and workflow. Lots of rough edges.

Hi Alec. Good to read from you. Thank you for your review. Would you mind telling me a bit more what you mean "Unfinished UX and workflow, and the rough edges"? It's a broad generalisation and it would really help us. Here is probably not the best way to discuss this, hence you know how to reach me :) I also invite you to check out Helpmonks again. I can give you a free account too. Thank you.