Donate to local businesses impacted by COVID-19

In times of crisis, a community must come together. That's why we sourced and aggregated verified local businesses that need help now. Donate to the community fund (we take nothing) or find a specific business in your city. Let's save our neighborhoods!
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Hey world changers 👋 We’re living in unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our daily lives. Local businesses we love have been forced to close, leaving their very existence on the chopping block and employees without income. Our neighborhoods are in danger of experiencing permanent change. The only way we avoid this future is by working together, helping these businesses build a bridge to a better tomorrow. The average small business has a cash buffer of only 27 days. The average restaurant? 16. While gift cards are a great way to support small business, it’s very easy to over leverage and build a backstop that only delays defeat. The very best way to help these businesses is by giving them the cash they need, now. That’s why we’re excited to share HelpLocalBiz: a platform that makes it easy to support local businesses impacted by COVID-19. We aggregate, verify and streamline giving so you’re helping those that need it. Make an impact effectively without having to sort through GoFundMe campaigns or visiting a business in-person. Donate to the community fund (100% goes directly to businesses on our platform) or find a specific business in your city. Let’s save our neighborhoods and the heart of the American economy, today. Do you have a story that exemplifies the local business experience? Share it below for others to see 👇
Hey Product Hunt 😸 As @qwoods13 mentioned, we built HelpLocalBiz so that the community (yes, you!) can donate to support their neighborhood small businesses - cafes, restaurants, salons, etc. Every contribution can help save the backbone of the American economy. If you can, we’d love for you to donate to these businesses and if you know small business owners going through tough times, please nominate them. Quick highlights of HelpLocalBiz: - 🏦 0% transaction fees via our Venmo integration -- whatever you donate goes directly to the business - 💼 You can Nominate a business impacted by COVID-19 - 🏢 Businesses can sign up to receive donations on HelpLocalBiz - ✅ We vet all businesses before they go live - 😍 One-click donation and we split it evenly between 3 random businesses
Awesome idea, guys! 💛 Site looks great. You could consider partnering with @kindness4corona since they are doing similar work but more focused on individuals impacted (vs businesses). Let me know if I can help with anything -
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