Mobile safety net for people with diabetes

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Awesome! My best friend's family has diabetes in the bloodlines and I've seen her kind of go from clueless up the learning curve about how she needs to change her lifestyle to reduce her risk. She has a pretty poor sense of what to eat, what to avoid (sweets obviously, but what else)? I think a sense of community would really help her - I'll ask her to download this.
Hi, My name is Shlomi, i'm Co-Founder & CTO at HelpAround. Thanks for your support. Please join and help us make the safety net for people with diabetes stronger!
@shlomia Hey Shlomi! love to see people tackling big, real problems. for those of us who aren't as familiar, could you elaborate on some of the major problems you guys are solving for people with diabetes? Also, is this a for profit? If so how are you monetizing?
@eriktorenberg Hi Erik, thanks for the kind words. We started HelpAround after our friend who has diabetes got caught at a hockey stadium without his glucose testing supplies, which could be dangerous. The "good news" is that 10% of Americans have diabetes - so out of 20K spectators, there should have been around 2,000 potential "diabetes helpers" in the crowd. We're also enabling real-life diabetes groups to create their own "diabetes safety nets" within HelpAround so their members have better way of finding each other. We're a for-profit startup (just announced our funding), and we plan to charge retailers for the right to respond to questions and help requests submitted by our users. Just to get a sense, a person with diabetes fills out 10(!) prescriptions every month, so they're worth a lot of money to the retailer. -Shlomi