Help A Stranger Out

Anonymous, decentralized acts of kindness towards strangers.

We spend our lives in bubbles. Eat, sleep, work, repeat. Let's step outside of our bubbles for once.
Help A Stranger Out helps us be more intentional about showing kindness to strangers.
RE Reagan: "We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”.
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Hey all, I quit my job 1 year ago to learn how to code full time. This is the first tool I've built by myself and it is my entry for Blockstack's "Can't Be Evil" hackathon. This app helps us be intentionally kind towards strangers. I built it with Blockstack JS, a decentralized authentication strategy, and Ruby on Rails. By making it decentralized, "smiles" (e.g. upvotes) and deeds in progress are stored client-side (privately), and stories about completed acts of kindness are anonymous. Fundable deeds through BTC are coming soon.. e.g. the ability to fund someone's effort to buy a stranger a meal. Let me know what you think! Cheers, Hideko
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Nice work, love the UI!
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@lachlankirkwood Thanks Lachlan! Built it with Orange's new open-source design system:
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Nice concept! The world could definitely use a bit of this.
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@harshilsharma63 Thanks Harshil! I agree :)
Hi! Very nice concept and. As feedback, I noticed that I can give "unlimited smiles", wouldn't have more sense to only be able to put one smile per user? Good luck with the launch! @hideko_kulp
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@davipar Thanks for the feedback, David! I don't store any info about the user (as part of the "anonymity" slant). I definitely could have limited smiles per session but thought having unlimited smiles would be fun and positive -- like Medium's unlimited "claps".
Hi, where have you got the illustrations, they're sick !
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@nicolas_vrillac thanks! they're free from here: