The first time you can register to vote by SMS or Facebook

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Getting people to vote -- and making it easy to vote -- is probably the most important thing we can do right now for this election. This product lets you register to vote in less than 10 text messages or FB messenger messages. And because it works with text messages, it can even register people to vote who do not have smart phones/data plans. It's as dead simple as it should be. Let's get everyone to vote! You can use the app or text HELLO to 384-387.
@mbaratz I don't have to mail anything? So this is easier that VotePlz?
@bradenhamm Yeah, we think it's just about the easiest way to register to vote. If you live in a state where we integrate with the online system (AZ, CA, GA, IL, MA, VT) it's instant, and there's nothing to mail. In other states, we generate a form and email it to you to print out. If you don't have a printer, we can mail it you via Lob, and you just have to sign it and send it in. We pay for the stamp! We are working on integrating other states, but some have particular legal or technical hurdles in place. If only there were a federal standard around voting, our whole democracy could work a lot better.
Amazing! I can't believe someone didn't do this already. I think it could actually change turnout in the fall.
Can't believe this section isn't deep linked directly into the Facebook/Twitter apps on the persons device. But nonetheless, this is awesome. "Register your friends! * Share on Facebook: https://hello.vote/facebook * Share on Twitter: https://hello.vote/twitter * or, forward the next message..."
@anodigital Hey Brian, I think that would be hard to integrate with the apps when we're sending SMS links. If you know of a good way to do app deep-links in a cross-platform way, we'd love to integrate with a user's FB and Twitter contacts.
This is awesome!
We recently added a new way for anyone to create their own HelloVote page to register their friends. Check out HelloVote Studio (https://fightforthefuture.org/he...) and write your own viral message!