Hello Reminder

Contacts with reminder for better relationship

Hello Reminder is a personal relationship management application (a personal CRM) providing contacts with reminder.

- View how frequently you are keeping in touch

- View number of calls and call duration by contact

- Select how often you want to call your contacts

- You can receive a notification if you miss the date

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5 Reviews5.0/5
an automated high quality service which I can set up in advance to make a telephone call to very important someone without forgetting
It makes our family close. Thanks!
I have a feeling you're into data - I love data, too! I think its a pretty cool approach to quantify your contact time in your relationships like this. What inspired this idea @yuno815?
@abadesi thanks, Abadesi. My parents want me to call them every weekend. But I often forgot to call my parents. So I thought about ways to call my parents regularly. One way to do this is by Hello Reminder. Although it started there, the idea gradually developed.
What a service!! It's always happy to see statistics that look nice.