Hello Mind

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Hi there, i've downloaded the app and like the user experience. The part that confuses me is information available of the course that you are about to pay for under the 'more info' section. For example, I have chosen the option to drink water more regularly. The treatment costs £6.99 but I dont understand what I will be getting in return to ensure that I drink more water. Is it daily reminders or emails?
@anthony_stylianou I think the app uses hypnosis to train you to do things?
Hypnosis is not something you play around with. I am not comfortable with the recent trend I am seeing that employs hypnosis to "quick fix" issues that need to be consciously and responsibly confronted. This app requires an extreme amount of vulnerability from customers. There is a major ethical dilemma here that I find reprehensible.
@lukedeannif there are millions of these apps/books/people claiming to solve your problems by simply thinking your around through them. let's admit, most would rather take the easy way out. otherwise they wouldn't be in business =/
Interesting idea indeed.