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I've installed the app, put my location / Montpellier, France and ... realized I was quite alone (and quite desperate too) there :-) Then I said to myself why not teleport to San Francisco ? If I understand well, you charge .99 to be able to "fake" the geo location service and "teleport" to where you want to be able to chat with other people there ? To be honest, I find it not really user-friendly to be charged upfront like that. What about teasing the user, allowing him to "try" and "taste" the place and then after a certain time ask him to pay the fee to stay here..? Good luck ! :-)
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@pierre_vannier Hi Pierre! Thanks for your feedback! We appreciate it. - The reason why you still don't see users in your area it is because the app is brand new. - About your suggestion: we will consider it for the next updates! Thanks for being an early user! :-)
@pierre_vannier I'm really sorry about that. As an early user I know you cold feel lonely, but I'm pretty sure you'll appreciate it in the near future. Spread the word and you won't be disappointed ;)
You guys think alike with http://www.hello.tm - Russian app that is doing exactly the same.
@nikitakorotaev Hey Nikita! First, the app is in Russian and so limited to a local region. Also, the purpose of the app is different: Hello is an app that allows you to connect with users in a specific area even if they are not connected each other, creating automatically generated chatrooms. The only similar thing is the logo, where we got inspired by Apple and the genius of Steve Jobs. Have a nice day!
@nikitakorotaev @st3mongardi Can you elaborate how Steve Jobs inspired your logo?
@robinraszka That logo was hand written by Jobs (with a mouse) during the presentation of the first Mac.
@st3mongardi Oh, I see. So basically it's a knock-off. Very cool.
Similar to what I built and launched with http://www.push-it.co
@talkaboutdesign Hi Maksim, I tried your product and I really like it but it looks totally different to me. You could compare Hello to IRC with geofenced chatrooms linked to places, points of interest and concerts. Push It instead, got an unnamed place where all your posts go and you haven’t really the perception of the size of that room. Don’t you think the same?
@marcofabbri_ Yes you should see new version we are working on. It's very similar to yours. :) Foursquare integrations, etc.
@talkaboutdesign Sounds great, I'm looking forward to it!
Is this based upon the location you put in yourself or does it work on geo-fencing?
@novanicklatorre Hi Nick! Thanks for your question. It is geo-fencing! :-)
@st3mongardi Thanks for the quick reply. I am definitely going to check this out. Should be a good amount of people in NYC already on it