Hello 3.0

Video chat that works in browser. No signups. No Downloads.

Hello is a video chat app that works in most major desktop & mobile browsers. No Signup. No Downloads. Just video chat.

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Hi PH, This is the third release of Hello. With this release Hello is being supported in most major browsers including mobile browsers. So no need to download any app in any platform for the sake of video call.
@vsnthv Cool! I guess it uses WebRTC for P2P conferences, doesn't it?
@vsnthv Do you have a public API?
@daniella82 No we don’t have APIs now.
So excited to try this out!!! Setting up a video call is such a chore. You have to make sure everyone is logged in and actually has an account on the same platform, that they are not on DND (and therefor miss your call saying "I didn't get a notification", sometimes they need to update their apps before the call will connect and the software is bloated in general. If this works it'll be SO awesome.
@anna_0x Let me know your thoughts after trying it out.
@vsnthv I did last night and it worked great! Easy better than bloated Skype. Tried from phone and computer, first 2 people them 3. Excellent quality, all good. After an hour or so there were some small issues but most likely because of my not stellar connection. I won't use any other video calling app/website again! This is so simple, all everyone has to do, is tap a link! Nothing to configure. Thanks a bunch!
That sounds great! Is a screen sharing feature also on the roadmap? If that is also coming, then it will be killer 😉
@moorstas It is in the top of the list. :)
@moorstas @vsnthv screen sharing would be wonderful!
@moorstas @mikeverbruggen i have added screen sharing. Let me know your thoughts.
@vsnthv That sounds great. But how do I activate it?
It's fast and simple! Curious about the business model here. Are you just trying to make a free video chat service because you can, or is your intent to build and monetize?
@joshuatalley no idea to monetize it now. I didn’t create it as I can, i created it bcoz I see a need.
@vsnthv can I / will I be able to add this feature in our smart vouchers ? https://demovoucher.u-v.io/#/EgQ...
@francoolaami webrtc is available in all browsers. U shd be able to add it. But hello is not offering any such service now.
I'm excited to test it with my client this weekend!