Schedule texts and never forget what's most important

Hedwig lets you schedule texts and takes care of sending them.

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"Buffer for Text messages" – finally. 🎉
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Hi folks, we’ve made a new app to help you schedule texts. Hedwig helped us a lot to not miss any important text to send to someone or, even to remember stuff to ourselves 🔔! We’ve been using it internally for the past few months, and after 👨🏽‍🎨 and 👩🏽‍💻 we’re happy to share our little Hedwig with you. She is now your personal owl too and will deliver any message you want at the right date and time! Hope you’ll like it :)
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Ho and you might check the tab "More" and try to move your phone. Spoiler alert: https://muxu.gift/hedwig-ee 🦉👀
@lucchaissac logo looks a lot like Remente's, but if this works, you've got a user here haha
@lucchaissac did you see my recent Ask PH on this by any chance haha? https://www.producthunt.com/ask/...
@lucchaissac it did work. SOLD 👏👏👏
While the idea is great in theory it will be difficult in practice to get adoption because people have to 1. go and download it specifically, 2. remember to use it. 3. not use all the other programs out there to remember to do something 4. want to use it in ADDITION to their other texting apps and 5. be ok with sending a text from a number they have no affiliation with and no control over. I know this, overall, is difficult problem to solve, but you will have trouble getting any large scale adoption if you cannot solve most of those problems, or make it somehow so good that people don't care. People in this thread have mentioned Buffer, which makes sense, but the fundamental difference is that that queues messages for YOUR twitter account that are sent THROUGH your Twitter account. This sends messages on behalf of you. You could use any number of other services for that. I like the idea, definitely, but you're going to have major issues on your hands if you cannot solves those problems! You have to meet the user where they are and make it as easy as possible for them to adopt the product and use it while they are already using something else the use every day.
@hellosmoore Thanks for taking the time to write this feedback Shannon, it's precious 😊
@hellosmoore Also charging per text message is a weird business model — I downloaded the app but deleted it right away when I saw that. This could all run locally for free; there's no need to create a per message fee when it could just be a push notification to trigger a self sent text. I send maybe a thousand or few thousand texts per week. Paying 10-20¢ extra per text to buffer even 200 is literally more than I pay my carrier for texting. I hope the creators find a way to better handle this oversight.
@kicksopenminds Hi Taylor, sorry it took a bit of time to answer but we were super busy 🐝 I see your point! We made the choice to not be a simple scheduler, because what if you miss the notification? We want people to be able to send a message at an exact date and time, whether it's today or next year, without worrying about having their phone at this particular moment. 🦉 I see that you're sending many texts every week but maybe not so many of them need to be scheduled? If yes, then I understand it's too expensive 😊
Nice branding idea! Does Harry Potter know?
@aga_jaskiewicz 😄 yes, actually we rented his owl for messaging experimentations 👩🏼‍💻
When will we have an Android version?
@arunsathiya Hi Arun, we've just released this first version of Hedwig on iOS to try and see how people like it 😃 if it's a success Android should be on the way too!
@audreylabuxiere I cannot wait to see an Android version. I wish you guys the best!
@audreylabuxiere any clues yet? 🔓