Voice messaging reinvented

Hearshot allows you to communicate more efficiently

You’ll be able to send a voice message directly to your friends, which will be automatically played on their phone.

Whether the app is in the background, not even launched or your phone is locked, the hearshot will be delivered and played.

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Haha that's interesting! A question, will the message be played if the other user has their sound turned off (e.g. during class)? And if it won't play - will the app let me know the other person never heard my msg?
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@zelena Indeed, the message will only be played if the phone is not on silent mode. The status of the delivery is also including if the message was successfully played or not.
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I'm gonna install it on my friends' phones to prank them. Thanks!
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Looks pretty nice. How is this different from Zello?
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@timwinfree Thanks Tim ! Zello doesn't work if the app is not launched whereas hearshot will always play it when received. hearshot also works for audio calls, you in fact record the ringtone !
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This makes me miss Leftover and their & ampersounds! I need someone to try it out with me, maybe a bot to test after signup.
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