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#3 Product of the DaySeptember 27, 2019
A fresh audience engagement platform.
Take the Public Stage - Ask your favorite celebrity or public figure anything. Together we vote, to get it answered.
Get a Room - Make a presentation more interactive. Crowdsource great questions, and answer them.
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12 Reviews4.6/5
Hey, this is Jasper one of the people behind this project. We are super excited to have this project go out. The crazy thing is that we came up, designed and built the thing in under 10 weeks. Super proud of the talented DFFRNT Lab team for pulling that off. We can't wait to see how both the public stage and rooms products will land with all of you!
Great new concept! Love the style direction, something new and very refreshing.
@noudadrichem Thanks for the supportive feedback. Quite a balancing act. On the one hand trying to have it be familiar and utilitarian, and other the other hand have it look bright, cheerful, colorful, and a tad stubborn.
Nice digital forum! Fresh concept, great!!
Awesome work! Love the Twitter integration for easily connecting with my existing network.
@lachlankirkwood Hi Lachlan, much appreciated! We are glad to hear that you are liking hear, hear! so far! 😄
Reminds me of Molly. 😢
@chrismessina Thanks for sharing! I have not heard of Molly before. I will share it with the team, looks interesting 😄