A daily planner that helps you manage stress better

Healacrity is a project that I've been working to help with managing day to day stress. It is designed based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and focuses on anticipatory and proactive coping strategies for stress.

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Hi Hunters, with a mission to improve emotional intelligence and mental health, I’ve created a very simple daily planner with questions to help you manage stress better. I specifically made this product for myself being in a line of work that can be very stressful many times in the day. I used to just wake up and go to work without taking into account the mental and emotional stress that I will go through and ended up becoming more and more depressed to a point where I became physically ill e.g. headaches, neck pains etc. Having a background in medicine I decided to look for preventions and cures so that I don’t have to go through the same thing ever again. I dived into cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been scientifically proven to be effective in treating mental health problems including depression, anxiety, panic disorders and is gold standard to some. But it's also quite effective at dealing with day to day problems and making effective, rational decisions. With over 332 medical studies, CBT can be applied to anything from trouble sleeping to weight gain. The core principle behind CBT is that a person's thoughts will affect their emotions and their behavior. I experimented different methods with myself and realized that anticipatory, preventative and proactive coping strategies was most effective for me. That is how healacrity came about. It is a website that helps you plan your day with questions that prepare you to overcome stress and problems of the day. This is a project that I'd like to keep improving so feedback is very much appreciated! Thank you
Hı, the questions acquire clear brain, relaxing mood, time and patience. While I was answering questions (for the test) I was thinking how many questions left.. - maybe you can add the information how many questions left, and also - I don't receive an email with the answers
@nikjara Thank you for your feedback, great idea, will add a progress bar. Sorry you didn't get your email, sometimes it gets stuck in the spam folder. Will fix that.
@dante_mojiun Yep, I have checked Spam and found it. But I thought I will receive something else - maybe analysis of my answers. But it was just copy
@nikjara I've added the progress bar. What kind of analysis were you expecting? Thanks again for your feedback.
@dante_mojiun maybe - the likelihood of achieving yoir goal for example. Maybe enter additional questions which can help to calculate it.
@nikjara Interesting suggestion, will look into this. Is this something you are familiar with?
CBT is a fascinating science, and it's super interesting to see a product take this into account, is there any plans to make a dynamic app where users can store their answers and review?
@aaronoleary CBT is fascinating indeed and has proven to be effective. Great suggestion, this is something we will do. For now, we're only utilizing email to give users their answers.