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Headswitch is an app that lets you edit videos by overlaying images on the heads of people in the video. We built Headswitch because we noticed large media companies (primarily Bleacher Report!) making hilarious videos like this. However, making a "Headswitch" style of video takes a lot of time, effort and talent deeming casual creators unable to make these type of videos. The Headswitch app changes that. In just a few taps anyone can create a fun video on Headswitch! I am really excited to see all of the creative videos people make with Headswitch! As always, I would love to hear any feedback that the PH community has. Jacob
Hi Jacob this looks great I can see this being really useful and really helping people save time with these sorts of videos! I've been thinking about making something similar (for a completely different use-case in education so not a competitor I promise!)... would you mind sharing what tools/libraries/techniques/etc. you use to achieve this? In particular I'd love to hear (a) how you achieve aligning/scaling the faces so that the mask goes over the original face, and (b) how you crop the original faces so well (do you do this manually e.g. in photoshop or programatically?).
@mleonard thanks! To answer your questions: 1: all of the face-tracking magic (including the aligning/scaling of the face) is done by using ULsee's technology. We had to work pretty closely with them to make a custom solution for our use case. 2. It's been a combination of just cropping the photos in photoshop manually and finding images that have already been photoshopped well.
@jgcatalano Great. Thanks very much!
Web version please!
Thankyou its cool