Automatic headline testing for WordPress

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This is clever, @noahkagan. Any plans to support non-Wordpress sites? Maybe a simple script I can use on tumblr/elsewhere. For everyone else, check out Appsumo's SumoMe, posted on PH a few months ago.
Thanks @rrhoover! Where else and how would you want to use it? Yup :)
Yeah @noahkagan! I echo @rrhoover's question for non-WP. I use http://anchorcms.com for example, and create custom landing pages like http://scotthurff.com/qc. Would be nice to have a lightweight plug-in for at least the latter. Hugs.
Would also love to have this for non-WP. I'm looking for tumblr @noahkagan
@natalia @scotthurff what kind of things do you want to lightly test? headlines on those pages?