Get access to high converting headlines. Headlime generates hundreds of headlines for you, simply by answering a few questions.
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Hi, again Producthunt! πŸŽ‰ I've set a big goal for myself: making landing page creation easy for everyone! Today, I am launching something that solves a big problem. Creating high converting headlines. A headline can literally make - or break - your business. Bad headlines: ❌ Increases your bounce rate ❌ Lowers your conversion rate ❌ Ruins your email open rate Your ad, landing page, article or email could be perfect, but if your headline sucks, people will leave and won’t ever see your offer 😫 I used to be a Conversion Rate Specialist Consultant for major companies. Headlines were the first thing I optimized for them, increasing their conversion rates drastically. The problem is: writing a high converting headline is hard. ⚠️ It takes time, which you don't have. ⚠️ It takes lots of traffic to test, which costs money Big companies can afford this. What if I told you, you can from now on too? πŸ€” Introducing Headlime πŸ‹ Headlime is a headline generator with hundreds of headline formulas. Tested on millions of visitors. βœ… Waste less time on creating headlines βœ… Get more clicks, sales and conversions βœ… Master the skill of writing converting headlines βœ… Tested on millions of visitors for the best quality βœ… Suitable for ads, email subject lines, blogposts & landing pages I'm launching with a limited number of lifetime plans. This means you only pay once and get access to the tool forever! πŸ‘‰πŸ» Grab the deal before it runs out Screenshot of one of the experiments I performed . Adwords test result of the Headlime landing page headline
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@dannypostmaa Congrats on this awesome launch. I just tried it quickly once and it is super impressive. Really liked the first 3 responses which were too good in my eyes :) Wishing you more success!
@dannypostmaa Fantastic to say the least
@dannypostmaa Wow, fantastic job Danny! That's really a gem. I don't have the right words to express how happy this makes me. It's not that it solves a specific problem I have, but having followed you for these last few years, I can see how effectively you are now leveraging the know-how and data you have available after collecting and organizing the best of the best. It pays. Bravo! *P.S.: I have just posted a little review on about Headlime. It deserved it.a
@robingood Thanks Robin, means a lot to me!! Definitely learned a lot by running for years and also seeing common problems my clients have run into in the past. Many more things to come soon πŸ”₯ (Thanks for the mention!!)
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@dannypostmaa Hi Danny, really cool product (and funny if you fill in weird things haha)! I played around a bit with it and narrated my thoughts. If you're interested, check it out here:
I'd use it and I think $9 is a fair price to generate headlines for a product. Not sure about the subscription though. I'm not as likely to use it every month for a year. All in all, really nice. Good luck! Cheers, Jibran
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Awesome looking and useful product! Excited to start playing with it more.
@adamkornfield Hope it can generator some awesome headlines for you πŸ™πŸ»
This is helpful for marketing noobs like me!
@mick_ver Thank you, Mick!
I had the opportunity to try Headlime out while it was in beta and was pleasantly surprised at how many great titles I got out of it! Will definitely use in the future!
@jamesivings Thank you so much for all the valuable feedback. Really improved the product.
Got a special early preview. I have really enjoyed using this. Just ran some great FB ads with these headlines.
@andrew_kamphey Please share the results with me if you want! πŸ”₯ And thanks for the hilarious beta test video.