Easily screen tech candidates with take-home assignments

Headlight is a talent assessment platform that allows hiring managers and recruiters to easily screen candidates for technical ability with job-specific take-home assignments. We give great designers, engineers, and product managers a chance to prove what they're capable of.

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Hey Product Hunters! Really excited to share what I've been working on for the last few months. Headlight is a tool that helps employers evaluate their tech candidates (eng, product, design) using take-home assignments. You can create assignments on our platform (or choose from our growing library of pre-made assignments) and email it to the candidate right inside the app. Candidates get a private link to complete the assignment and everyone's submissions are stored centrally rather than as attachments in email inboxes. Take-home assignments are a great way to see how a candidate thinks through and solves problems, and give candidates the flexibility to do the work on their schedule rather than during work hours. We've tried to also address two of the biggest complaints about take-homes: assignment clarity and time commitment. - Every assignment must have evaluation criteria. This forces employers to be more clear about what they are looking for from the candidate so the final submission doesn't end up way off base - Assignments can have time limits. No one wants to spend all weekend doing take-homes for potential jobs, and even if an employer says to only spend a few hours on it, who knows whether other candidates honored that suggestion? With time limits, employers can better calibrate across candidates, and candidates know they won't have to deal with "overacheivers". We have big plans for Headlight and this is just the beginning. Some of the things we want to build next include: - Integrations into major Applicant Tracking Systems (Lever, Greenhouse, Jobvite) - Paid assignments (to recognize candidates for their time) - Grading workflows (automatically route completed assignments to reviewers on your team) - More assessments for different roles We'd love to hear what you think about Headlight and for everyone who signs up from PH, we'd to offer you 5 free assignments so you can try it out for yourself!
@jasonshen This is a fantastic idea. Fixes an important problem in recruiting - how to minimize risk while also casting a wide net. Right now companies try to address risk by hiring within their networks. This isn't very meritocratic, limits diversity and honestly it doesn't even work that well. I'd much rather hire (or be hired) based on demonstrated skills and work. Excited to try Headlight out and to see future updates!

I love the idea of getting as far away from "how I felt when I talked tot he candidate" and as close as possible to "this is what the candidate's work product looks like." Overall, I could see an straight line path for Headlight to revolutionize my business by helping me find 10x hires consistently.


Takes a best practice and makes it simple for me to follow.


I'm hoping for examples of take home interviews that I can use for all my hires in the future.

Another great idea, @JasonShen! Tackles a real problem when qualifying the right people, especially at volume. Love how the pricing scales nicely from single Assessments for small companies to 50+ Assessments per month for large companies. The biggest value Headlight provides is your "library of Assessments". People don't have time to write their own Assessments and, often, the people who are handling the recruitment are not technical, so having various pre-baked Assessments for different languages, frameworks, coding style, culture, etc is very valuable. I signed up but I think others would love to see a sample Assessment without having to sign up.
@joshuapinter Great point Josh! I've added a screenshot to the PH gallery of one of the assessments and here's a live link (don't click submit people!) https://www.headlightlabs.com/as...
As we refined our recruiting process I'm leaning into take-home assignments more. Love that this makes it easier and can help me think through some pre-made ideas. Great job!