Video-based job search for personalized hiring on mobile.

Developed in Alabama-- yes, Bama...Headhunter is a two-way mobile app for video-based job search and hiring. Reduce job applications, scheduling, and emails for BOTH sides of the table. Seekers see their boss and a job preview, while employers see the personality and communication skills of a potential candidate. No contact without mutual interest.

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I'd be curious to know how employers are responding to the increasing use of video in recruitment... definitely think CVs are out dated but have concerns about video because not everyone who is competent for a role will have a great video @bskip22
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@abadesi that is true. There will always be a place for CVs, resumes, and job applications. Our app has a filter for hard skills to assist with searching. But remember, Headhunter is not just video profiles for employers to look at seekers... we empower job seekers by requiring video previews of the job. Data shows the job descriptions don't effectively communicate what the job is all about. Why spend 30 minutes on a job application, or take off work to attend an interview, if you aren't sure what the job, culture, or boss would be like? Headhunter eliminates wasted time on job applications, emails, resumes, and scheduling by bringing all the transparency to the first step. Since communication, personality, and character are such a priority for most employers and most jobs we feel Headhunter will dramatically increase efficiency and add significant value to recruiting. I'm happy to discuss further just email us sales@headhunterapp.io
This would’ve been so much cooler of a video had you actually exemplified what it is your service does. Like actually put a demo video of what a seeker would see - in to an office with a shot of the coffee room, CEO, etc. And also include a demo of a girl in a video going “Hi I’m Emily, I have experience in...” and showing what the employer could see. Poor job on putting together this video - it looks like you spent no time on it and it shows.
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@louismagnotti Thanks Louis! You're right. In the meantime a quick download of the free app will show you all those things. Don't let our poor PH profile detract from the fact that Headhunter adds a ton of value to job search.
We integrate with ANY HR platform without programming. Simply share the link to your Headhunter job listing inside your job advertisement and engagement will increase since seekers prefer VIDEO JOB PREVIEWS. They can add to faves and create their own video profile to showcase their skills. With instant mobile notifications, neither side wastes any time unless there is mutual interest. Headhunter is personal, efficient, and transparent!
Anyone on PH who is hiring can message me for a promo code for FREE job listings! We HEART Product Hunt!
now we can find jobs via phone