Hazel 2.0

A simple and beautiful virtual bookshelf

#5 Product of the DayAugust 23, 2019
The worlds first portable bookshelf. Hazel is a customisable virtual book shelf that opens whenever you open a new tab.
We've designed Hazel to be simple and beautiful offering an inspirational photo each time you open a new tab.
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Hi everyone πŸ‘‹ I'm a huge fan of reading and everything books! I do most of my reading on e-books but I also use physical books to remind me of the key-lessons learnt. As a result I tend to buy both the the physical and digital version of the book and man is it expensive. So I got a bit creative and made Hazel - a simple and beautiful virtual bookshelf that shows when you open a new tab. Here are some highlights: βœ… Completely free - Create your own personal bookshelf with as many books as you want βœ… Simple - A simple and clean design, no signup required. βœ… Inspirational photos - Each time you open Hazel an inspirational photo will appear. βœ… Weather forecasts - Live updates on the weather For the Hazel 2.0 I've added: βœ… Habit Tracker - Track how many times you remind yourself of the books key-lessons βœ… More inspirational photos βœ… A few bug fixes
Very cool Andy!
@denham_preen Thanks Denham, appreciate the support :)
Cool Product, maybe you can turn this into a ebook subscription feature where you can also buy the book and upon opening a new tab it will be on the page you left off at.
@rohitsangaraju7 Thanks Rohit! thats a great suggestion, I definitely want to build out the features for Hazel and add things like being able to see what other people are reading.
Its launch day!! I hope you guys love it :) Also check out my twitter for future products and to follow me on my journey: https://twitter.com/AndyDao13
Love the feature book you used. Ryan holiday is a great author