AI powered technical analysis

Haystak is a web app that brings AI techniques to financial technical analysis
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Hey Product Hunt! We're the creators of Haystak 👋 You probably have a bunch of stuff to do today, so let me be super brief. 📰 Situation We worked in finance. We used tools for technical analysis every day when making investment and trading decisions. 😕 Complication No existing technical analysis tools test the predictive power of price patterns when they form in the markets. Most people look for commonly accepted patterns, without knowing if they are valid or not. In reality, they typically rely on outdated theory and other people's opinion when making investment and trading decisions. 🙋Question How do I evaluate the predictive power of current price movements? 💡 Solution We decided to build Haystak - a tool that help me/you/us make investment and trading decisions and ultimately optimise our capital. How does it work? 1. Pick a stock/FX pair/index/crypto pair 2. The Haystak Engine uses machine learning techniques to find the most similar historic patterns to today's, yesterday's, last week's, or the last two week's (the list goes on...) price movements 3. A Haystak similarity score is computed and displayed 4. The Haystak Engine finds the subsequent returns 5. Generate investment and trade ideas by identifying the most promising patterns
Looks great! Your beta sign up submit button isn't working though
@irresistibl Hi, Cameron! 👋We're glad you like it. Thanks for the heads up - we just checked and it seems to be working. Could you give it another try? 😇
@ulrik_hansen all sorted. Thanks! 👌 💯
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