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Ben Tossell
Ben TossellHunter@bentossell · Makerpad.co
so.... Havenly was featured around a year ago and got a great response - now they have launched an iOS app My flat has a bed, sofa and a TV so I'm in need of some interior design help! Some of the app features are: - Design Quickie: Chat with a professional to get answers to any of your individual design questions and purchase recommended products directly from your messaging feed. - Custom Interior Design Packages: Book a personal designer that specializes in your style. Work with them to complete a full room redesign or small room refresh based on renderings. Continue to subscribe to get access to continued help while shopping for your ideal space - Effortless Room Profiles: Batch-upload photos of your space using your camera phone and share inspiration with your designer to kick off your redesign. I'll let the team tell you more!
Scott Trevathan
Scott TrevathanMaker@scott_trevathan · CMO at Havenly
@bentossell thanks so much! We think that the new Design Quickie feature will be a great and innovative way for people to get in touch with designers and find out how fun and accessible online interior design is!
Jarie Bolander
Jarie Bolander@jarie_bolander · COO, Lab Sensor Solutions
It's really great to see Havenly grow so much since last year. Really love the fact that they now have an app that you can use to make your perfect space happen.
Scott Trevathan
Scott TrevathanMaker@scott_trevathan · CMO at Havenly
@jarie_bolander Thanks! We are excited for people to check out our App.
Roy Mathew
Roy MathewHiring@roy_v_mathew · Co-founder & CEO @ uQuote
I'd be on my air mattress on a barren floor if it weren't for Havenly. And now I can get rid of my laptop!
Hannah Davis
Hannah Davis@hannah_davis1 · Program Director, MergeLane
I'm a Havenly user and SO excited to have the app now!
Scott Trevathan
Scott TrevathanMaker@scott_trevathan · CMO at Havenly
@hannah_davis1 so glad that you love it!
Jennifer Preston Southan
Jennifer Preston Southan@jenn_southan · Dir. of Customer Experience, TeamSnap
I am so looking forward to checking this out! I was truly thinking just this morning that I could really use a designer's help with our living room. Downloading this now!!
Scott Trevathan
Scott TrevathanMaker@scott_trevathan · CMO at Havenly
@jenn_southan Nice! Would love some feedback on the app and the features once you check it out.