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Slack for your personal life

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Daniel S Cornell
@dscornell · Co-founder Hatch Messenger
I am going to check in daily, so if anyone has interest, let me know. Thanks to Product Hunt as this was a great experience.
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Anton Eliasson
@antoneliasson · Director of Marketing @ Shakr
You're on a hunting streak @benln! Yesterday: Google Analytics for your life Today: Slack for you personal life Tomorrow: "Zendesk for your personal life"?
Tino Chow
Thanks, @benln for posting!  We found email gets clunky for talking to the whole group. One person would forget to reply all and break the whole thread. But making plans over Facebook wasn’t quite right either. That’s when we realized: there is a gap between email and social media. We made Hatch to fill that gap. Hatch is less about posting your status, … See more
David Kampmann
@mrkampmann · Brand and Social Media Consultant
This would really be perfect for schools. I love the way it prevents the fallout of a network by requiring all to have the app!
Andreas Duess
@andreasduess · CCO, Nourish Food Marketing
Interesting. We've been using Slack as a family chat tool (sue me, I'm a geek) but this look more suited to a social application.
Keith Crawford
@tsudo · Solutions Architect, Mainstream Tech
I use GroupMe in a similar fashion but interested to compare this approach. Doesn't it extend to SMS as well?