Hatch Apps

Build and launch native apps. No coding required.

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Hatch Apps automates software development, enabling you to launch mobile and web apps for a tenth of the cost of hiring a software development agency.

📲 All apps built on Hatch are native

🚀 Launch to iOS, Android and the web. Simultaneously.

✏️ Make app edits that go live instantly. No more waiting for app store approvals.

🎯 Send targeted push notifications, manage app users and track analytics.

🔗 Don’t worry about hosting or app store submissions— we take care of it.

💰 Save thousands of dollars on app development and maintenance.

  • Jay Newton-Small
    Jay Newton-SmallCEO MemoryWell

    Amazing team, great service and easy-to-use product


    I only need one app

    We had pretty bad experiences outsourcing our dev work, but Hatch Apps is the exception to that rule. They give out sourcing dev a good name. Can't recommend them highly enough.

    Jay Newton-Small has used this product for one year.
  • Ben Price
    Ben PriceProduct Manager

    Price, Usability, Speed to Market (~2 days), Content creation, User Management


    Don't get the same personalized experience as working with a development shop... however, this is by design, and I kinda like it!

    Hatch is a really great product for those without technical talent or technical bandwidth on their team. You can go to Hatch with just an idea, and in 30 minutes, you can design a fully functional application using the design editor and CMS. Once you decide to deploy, you instantly get a web app, an Android app within an hour or two, and an iOS in about two days.

    Ben Price has used this product for one year.
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Param Jaggi
Param JaggiMaker@paramjaggi · CEO of Hatch
Hey Product Hunt! I’m Param, CEO of Hatch Apps. We’ve built a platform that I’m very excited to share with you. Hatch enables you to build and launch native apps on iOS, Android, and the Web— without writing a line of code. Our mission is to democratize software development for the next generation of entrepreneurs, makers, and business leaders. We use machine automation to design, develop and deploy production-level software. Imagine a completely automated software development firm, without the hefty price tag. I know what you’re thinking: “Are they actually native apps?” Yes. We deploy native code packages on each platform. Objective-C & Swift for iOS. Java on Android. JS / PHP for the web. The web apps are progressive web apps that are fully mobile optimized. Hatch handles the entire app infrastructure (hosting, app store management, design matching, etc.) and puts you in full control. The idea originally came to me when I was freelancing and building apps. I found myself copy-and-pasting code, implementing frameworks, and using third party development tools. I thought to myself, “why not build a scalable user-interface on top of that methodology?”. Our customers include startup founders, non-profits, and even multinational organizations. Here’s a bit more about how companies are using Hatch: https://hatchapps.com/stories Check out the product and let me know what you think! We push updates regularly (once a week) so let me know if there is a feature that you’re dying to have. Fun Fact: We bootstrapped the company in the early days by selling a 2016 election-themed card game called the 2016 Election Game. The game started with a launch on ProductHunt ( https://www.producthunt.com/post... ). We did about $100k in sales which gave us enough capital to not get real jobs and continue building Hatch. Feel free to AMA or shoot me an email at param@hatchapps.com
Ryan Troll
Ryan Troll@ryantroll · Founder & CEO at Theory HQ
It’s Thursday and I said to one of our clients…we’ll have the app live by Monday. Client - :eye-roll: and :shrugs: Monday - here’s a link to the app, let us know what you think. We started using Hatch a few months ago at Theory Design to validate our clients product concepts as part of the lean startup method. We are now using Hatch from day 1 from concept prototyping through to product launch for our program participants. The biggest wow factor with using Hatch at our lab is that it's not quality OR speed instead it's quality AND speed. Love this product and the team behind it! Keep it up guys!
Param Jaggi
Param JaggiMaker@paramjaggi · CEO of Hatch
@ryantroll Its been amazing to work with you and your team. Really appreciate the kind words. I'm excited to stress-test the team-collaboration feature on Hatch with the distributed team on the most recent app!
Danielle Tate
Danielle Tate@danielle_tate
So many people have ideas for apps that never come to fruition because cost or technical skill are barriers. Hatch Apps demolishes those barriers... so bring on the brilliant apps everyone!
Arvin Ahmadi
Arvin Ahmadi@arvin_ahmadi
Love Hatch. I was an early user and couldn't believe how easy it was to create and submit my own app to the app store with their platform.
Param Jaggi
Param JaggiMaker@paramjaggi · CEO of Hatch
@arvin_ahmadi Really appreciate your early support to develop the platform to where it is today. Loved that app you built for adulting :)
Rob Lawson-Shanks
Rob Lawson-Shanks@lawsonshanks · CTO, LifeFuels
Great tool for quickly validating ideas, presenting concepts, and even building out full solutions. Perfect for both technical and non-technical project leads. Very impressed how quickly the Hatch team, lead by great founders, have continued to expand the feature set.