A photo-sharing experiment. Follows tags, not people. iOS 8.

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We created Hatch to see if people would want to follow hashtags of interest rather than other users. It could be great for seeing an endless stream of #CatsWithHatsOn while also giving you the ability to ignore all #TBT tags if you’re just not interested. Even more interesting, could Hatch potentially be a live news resource to see images of trending tags/event (i.e. #ferguson) - a much more streamlined image search to see what’s going on right now without all the additional hashtag noise? We don’t exactly know what Hatch is just yet but we’re excited to experiment and just see what happens. Give this Product Hunt exclusive Beta a run (requires iOS8) and let me know what you think. Update, 1:20pm: Just added stickers, live image filters (swipe on open camera) and text on photos. You have to reinstall to see these updates. Let me know what you guys think!
@dzuy sounds great! Can you give me access to the beta?
@SoleneMa if you go to hatchingnow.com on your iPhone, you can install the beta from there. It does require iOS8 though.
@dzuy I've installed it with iOS7 :-)
@dzuy I really like that like that you don't need to set up an account to start using Hatch! You guys did a great job on the design. What font are you using? Proxima Nova? Have you considered pulling in photos from Twitter to beef up your content pool?
@robjama font is actually Avenir! We did pull from twitter but it brought in so much redundant junk that it was useless. For example, you'd look at #dogs and it would bring back tons of retweeted photos of a half naked woman. But that's sort of the point of this experiment. Because everywhere else people put a bunch of non-relevant tags where on Hatch, it's just one tag.
Cool! We tried building a very similar app a year ago, but found it difficult to get traction around any one particular topic. We changed direction to curated topics specific to one target demographic (designers). I would love to hear your thoughts on getting traction around specific topics/hashtags. Looking forward to checking it out!
@roryreiff we originally only had curated topics but as an experiment, we wanted to see if users would create something more interesting so we also created this idea of a "hashtag challenge" to see what happens
We just added stickers because, well, why not?! Also, swiping on an open camera applies live filters. You can also tap on a taken photo to add text onto an image. Gotta love live development.
The idea of following tags instead of users is definitely interesting. It could allow for people to see photos they generally would have never had access to.
Like the idea! downloading now :)