Hasura Kubernetes Platform

Parse + Heroku, on your own infrastructure.

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 20, 2017

Nandit Pathak
 +2 reviews
  • Avi
    AviFreelance Developer

    Very powerful, Comparatively easy to get started, Friendly team


    Might be overwhelming for someone looking to build something basic

    I am using Hasura on a major project for my company, and I can say that it's an amazing technology. I can't wait to try it on my other projects.

    Avi has used this product for one year.
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Kate@katesegrin · Head of Social @ GitHub
For such an amazingly practical and helpful tool, the website's design (and logo) truly is great. Bravo on all accounts! 👏
Rajoshi Ghosh
Rajoshi GhoshMaker@rajoshighosh · Co-founder, Hasura
@katesegrin Thanks Kate! Our designers will be very excited :)
Kevin William David
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kevin · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Hasura gives you backend APIs out of the box, so you don't need to write repetitive code. https://compare.beta.hasura.io/ has benchmarks of Hasura's performance and features as compared to Firebase & handwritten Rails!
Emmanuel Amberber
Emmanuel Amberber@emmanuelamber · Data & Product Head | @YSProfiles
@kwdinc Congrats @rajoshighosh and @coco_d - Keep kicking ass with made in India dev tool.
Rajoshi Ghosh
Rajoshi GhoshMaker@rajoshighosh · Co-founder, Hasura
@emmanuelamber @kwdinc @coco_d Thanks Emmanuel. We're also looking to integrate with the IndiaStack soon so that we can offer more value to people building apps for the Indian customer.
Anjney Midha
Anjney Midha@anjneymidha · Investor at KPCB
As a chennai native, cool to see this launched. Congrats on shipping this - looking fwd to deploying some side projects on Hasura!
Rajoshi Ghosh
Rajoshi GhoshMaker@rajoshighosh · Co-founder, Hasura
@anjneymidha Thanks Anjney! Would love to hear your thoughts on the product. Please do get in touch in case you have questions/comments.
Sharan Reddy
Sharan Reddy@sharanreddy
I like the component focused structure. How is this different from Postgrest? The API only seems to support POST. Do you have a REST API too?
Tanmai Gopal
Tanmai Gopal@tanmaig
TL; DR Quite similar in intent! Hasura's data APIs provide a query language (like GraphQL) and REST endpoints both. Hasura' data APIs also provide row/column level authentication based on your application users (not postgres users). @sharanr In a sense, Hasura's data component (HasuraDB) and Postgrest try to achieve the same thing: automatic APIs from your database structure. While Postgrest gives you a REST interface, HasuraDB exposes a `query` endpoint where several different kinds of queries are `POST`ed. The query language is designed so that the clients have complete control to fetch the data (like Graphql). This makes it much more powerful than a REST interface. However, REST APIs are awesomely easy to integrate with for clients. We also support a feature where these queries can be templated and exposed at a REST interface. This we believe captures the best of both worlds: access data over a REST interface while being expressive enough through a query language. Also, Postgrest has a built in authentication mechanism tied to Postgres users and roles . With Hasura, the platform handles this and makes it reusable across services.
Dardan Thaçi
Dardan Thaçi@dardanth · Product guy and startup enthusiast
congratulations guys
Rajoshi Ghosh
Rajoshi GhoshMaker@rajoshighosh · Co-founder, Hasura
@dardanth Thanks Dardan!