Hashtag Artists

Art & artists from around the world, organized by hashtags

Hashtag Artists is a website that showcases art from artists on Twitter that come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

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Thanks, Jack for the hunt! Hey everyone! Ju Hae here, one of the creators of Hashtag Artists. A little bit about the site: we created it as a way to celebrate and bring together art and artists from a wide variety of backgrounds. The site uses Twitter's API, Firebase's new Firestore, and Gatsby.js. If there are any additional hashtags you'd like to see on the site, definitely let us know in the comments below! Some additional hashtags that we'll be adding very soon include: #cuteart #artistsontwitter and #southasianartists. We'll also be launching interviews with artists soon, so if that's something that interests you, subscribe to our newsletter :)
@juhaelee did you ever see music.twitter.com? 😊
@chrismessina I never knew that existed! Thanks!
@juhaelee here's what it looked like:
@juhaelee ohh....! I thought this was *musical* artists...! Now I see it's about visual artists! Ha — my bad!
@chrismessina Haha! Yup! But this is really cool regardless
Love this idea!