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Harvestr helps you build the best products for your customers by leveraging user feedback and data.

πŸ”Ž Centralize user feedback and identify improvement opportunities
πŸ’Ž Prioritize with confidence to focus on the most valuable features

πŸ”” Close the feedback loop with customers and communicate on your roadmap

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Hey product people ! First of all we'd like to thank @bravo40 for hunting us! @valentinberthomier @jeremy_cahen and I are the three cofounders of Harvestr and we are super thrilled to introduce what we've been building for a year now to the PH community. Harvestr is a product management platform that makes it easy for product teams to manage user feedback, prioritize features and communicate on their roadmap, all in one place ! Our mission is to help you develop the best digital experiences by listening carefully to your users and by engaging them all along the product development process. We are looking forward to having you among our pioneers! In the meantime, we'll be around all day to answer your questions and get your invaluable feedback. Last but not least, a very special thanks to the first 50 teams of our private beta, you rock! ❀️ the Harvestr team
Sounds REALLY cool but where's the info on pricing? It says "TRY it free", so what's the full cost?
Hey @anna_0x , thanks for your question! Harvestr is still completely free at the moment so it's the perfect timing to try :) We are actually in the process of turning it into a paying product and our pricing will be released publicly very soon. But here it is for you guys ! - 49$ / month for 5 seats - 99$ / month for 10 seats - 199$ / month for 20 seats - For more than 20 seats, we'll provide a custom pricing according to the needs All plans include all features and integrations.
Looks real nice! First question that comes to my mind obviously is: how does Harvestr compare to productboard?
Hi @maximebnt Great question! First, we think that productboard is a great tool for managing product development. With Harvestr, we want to offer an even greater alternative that's not only focused on product managers, but also on the most important person in the company... the customer ! That's why in Harvestr, you'll have a comprehensive user management interface, with the list of all your product users who give you valuable feedback. These users can be qualified, segmented, and filtered to : - better prioritize features according to the type of users who are impacted - identify your best contributors (those who give you the most valuable feedback for example) - build a community of power users that you can sollicit to get feedback, test features, etc. Then, our second main differenciating focus is on the user feedback loop. In Harvestr, users who send you feedback can be automatically notified about the status of their requests, from the moment they send you feedback to the moment you release a feature they are interested in. We are convinced that showing your customers that their voice is being heard is key and can have a hugely positive impact on user experience and company brand. Last but not least, we attach a lot of importance to improving collaboration and communication between support and product teams. To achieve this, Harvestr provides deep two-way integrations with tools like Zendesk and Intercom : not only do we allow you to leverage feedback that's stored in these tools, but we also send updates to support teams in order to give them visibility on the product backlog and help them better inform customers about their feedback status. I hope this answers your question πŸ˜ƒ We will keep working hard to bring you guys a truly differenciated value proposition in the product management space!
@vhuang Oh this is great!

I've been using Harvestr for a few months now and I've really seen the difference compare to other product management tools! We now have a state of the art customer feedback loop and and a better workflow. UX is simple and the team is super helpful!


Lots of integrations, customer notifications, pricing


Not any that I can think of...

thanks for your kind words @kamil_kad
I agree with you. I tried many other tools but Harvestr is the best :)

A must have for product management! I started using Harvestr to sort out our product management problems related to on-boarding, product features and pricing. We used customers feedback and complaints from emails and intercom to prfioritize new devs and adjust our pricing strategy. Thanks to Harvestr we are sorting our problems step by step. The team is happy using it and the clients are happy that our product evolves in their advantage.


Very scalable easy to use. A must have !


So far so good :)

Hi Jonathan, thank you for your review. Really happy to hear that you like your experience with Harvestr πŸ˜„