James Gentes
James Gentes reviewedHarvestrAll in one product management platform.

Simple feedback prioritization tool


Expensive considering the competition

Productboard is the same price and does far much more, and is way more polished. Seems like Harvestr could start at a lower price point given what's already in the market.

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Valentin Huang
Valentin Huang@vhuang · Co-founder @ harvestr.io
Thanks for the feedback James! However, saying that we are more expensive than the competition (including the one you mention) is incorrect in most cases. Our price does not work per user but per team and we offer all our features for every plan because we think that this way of pricing is fairer than the alternatives you can find on the market. What's more, you'll get 2 month free if you subscribe for a year. We want to give our customers high value for money so all feedback on pricing is more than welcome!