Jonathan Kam
Jonathan Kam reviewedHarvestrAll in one product management platform.

Very scalable easy to use. A must have !


So far so good :)

A must have for product management! I started using Harvestr to sort out our product management problems related to on-boarding, product features and pricing. We used customers feedback and complaints from emails and intercom to prfioritize new devs and adjust our pricing strategy. Thanks to Harvestr we are sorting our problems step by step. The team is happy using it and the clients are happy that our product evolves in their advantage.

Jonathan Kam has used this product for one year.
Valentin Berthomier
Valentin Berthomier@valentinberthomier · CTO & Founder @
Hi Jonathan, thank you for your review. Really happy to hear that you like your experience with Harvestr 😄