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Harvestr helps you build the best products for your customers by leveraging user feedback and data.

🔎 Centralize user feedback and identify improvement opportunities
💎 Prioritize with confidence to focus on the most valuable features

🔔 Close the feedback loop with customers and communicate on your roadmap

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James Gentes
Alexander Romanov
Dave Child
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  • James Gentes
    James GentesCEO, Tend.ai

    Simple feedback prioritization tool


    Expensive considering the competition

    Productboard is the same price and does far much more, and is way more polished. Seems like Harvestr could start at a lower price point given what's already in the market.

    James Gentes has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    - good way to collect feedback from all sources


    - no way to collect feedback from facebook

    - need to link manually to your other tools

    Very usefull if you build a product people spend time on (to learn, call ...) less usefull if you build e-commerce platform where customer feedback about the platform is not the main focus for success compared to products you sell & marketing

    Dumas Diane has used this product for one year.
  • Jonathan Kam
    Jonathan KamCo founder @Botmind.io

    Very scalable easy to use. A must have !


    So far so good :)

    A must have for product management! I started using Harvestr to sort out our product management problems related to on-boarding, product features and pricing. We used customers feedback and complaints from emails and intercom to prfioritize new devs and adjust our pricing strategy. Thanks to Harvestr we are sorting our problems step by step. The team is happy using it and the clients are happy that our product evolves in their advantage.

    Jonathan Kam has used this product for one year.
  • Giovanni Berthelot
    Giovanni BerthelotCustomer Support Manager @Dailymotion

    Great team. Create a SSOT for your Product / Sales / Support.


    Need more options on Product integrations (ex : Zendesk) / Need more visual representation.

    It's a great team. They care about how you use the product, and your needs in terms of Support or Product team.

    It will help you to define your top feature request, understand your user feelings and iterate with the Product team.

    For the moment it's great for feature requests. It could be improved for Product feedback (Be able to pick an emotion with a visual representation to clearly identify happy / angry customers.)

    Also, I already said that, but the team is GREAT :D Lot of interesting discussion with them, and you feel listened as a customer / potential lead...it's really cool :)

    Keep going guys, you're bulding an awesome tool !

    Giovanni Berthelot has used this product for one month.
  • Clément Fernon
    Clément FernonPM @ Yoopies

    Being able to link one message to several feature requests by highlighting parts of the message.

    Very helpful and quick team.


    The only con I see is that it's still in Beta, can't wait for the release on January :)

    I am lucky to be part of the first beta users, and I am really impressed by Harvestr's team commitment to user feedback and product improvement. Very exciting!

    Clément Fernon has used this product for one year.
  • Kamil Kaderbay
    Kamil KaderbayCEO @ Botspell

    Lots of integrations, customer notifications, pricing


    Not any that I can think of...

    I've been using Harvestr for a few months now and I've really seen the difference compare to other product management tools! We now have a state of the art customer feedback loop and and a better workflow. UX is simple and the team is super helpful!

    Kamil Kaderbay has used this product for one year.
  • Guillaume Moubeche
    Guillaume MoubecheCo-founder @ lemlist

    Easy, to set-up and connect to Zendesk and Intercom,

    Sends automatic updates to sales/support team about the state of their feature requests


    Waiting for a Salesforce integration

    Very nice app to keep track and prioritize feature requests and make sure we keep everyone updated about the state of their request

    Guillaume Moubeche has used this product for one month.
  • Dave Child
    Dave ChildPlain English Fan, Entrepreneur, PHP Dev

    Easy to integrate with Intercom


    No way to reopen intercom tickets when Harvestr status updates

    Great tool, really nice for managing feature requests and linking multiple users' queries to a single bug or feature.

    Dave Child has used this product for one month.
  • Shun Yamada
    Shun YamadaCiao Technologies

    Easy to connect with Zendesk, Intercom and etc


    No way to collect feedback from social media like Facebook

    All-in-one tool for feedback. Visualizing feedback and conversation with clients is helpful for startups to improve their product and services.

    Shun Yamada has used this product for one day.
  • Dozias Enzo
    Dozias EnzoProduct Manager

    Very usefull tool with clear interface.

    I like the way i can highlight user verbatim in support message.


    It took some time for support operators to take the habbit of using harvstr in Zendesk.

    Seamless integration with Zendesk !

    Dozias Enzo has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Ju great



    It’s easy to use. I’m using it at work every days.

    Ju Clé has used this product for one month.