A unique music player for Android with tons of features!

◾️ FREE stream-able music

◾️ Smart playlist with support for stream-able, download-able and local music combined

◾️ Video playback

◾️ Lyrics

◾️ Sound effects (5-10 band equalizer, bassboost, virtualizer, reverb)

◾️ Automatic smart library management

◾️ Customize in every aspect

◾️ In built last.fm scrobbler

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joshua bradley
Passionate about making life better
Looks like a pretty cool Android player, @code0987 what's the feature/benefit you're most proud of?
Neeraj Durgapal
Freelancer / Developer / Designer
@airjoshb To me, lyrics in playback ui, video playback in background, random colors, are some features I like most.
joshua bradley
Passionate about making life better
@code0987 awesome. I've downloaded and look forward to checking it out