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Uplift Agency reviewedHarmonizelySchedule meetings without exchanging unnecessary emails!

- Great customer service

- Great featureset for CalDav and FastMail integration

- Sleek UI and easy setup


Nothing major. A bit slow to load sometimes, but I'm positive that will improve as well! It's typical in the beginning of a product :)

At Uplift, we're big fans of Harmonizely--the company uses it for its FastMail integration:

* scheduling incoming client meetings and candidate interviews

* sharing interview calendars with each other

I've also had great experiences sharing feedback to Rafal and Harmonizely team and seeing quick, continuous improvements. For those looking for direct CalDav or FastMail integration, I don't know of a better product.

- Paul Craciunoiu, Co-Founder


Uplift Agency has used this product for one year.
Thanks Paul! We will improve it! 😉