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Hark News is an iOS app that takes the links to articles you're reading and converts them into audio files you can play on the go. You can listen to the latest news or stories offline and while you're doing chores around the house instead of having to sit down and actually read them.

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I was shocked to see how many upvotes this unoriginal product hunt submission received. I use pocket daily to listen to my articles, and it's the easiest tool ever to use, you can add any article or document to pocket seamlessly by using the share button on your iPhone, on top of instantly tagging the articles as well. This seems like a really crappy way to make money by stealing someone else's product. If the voice was an actual person

or potentially ANY OTHER voice but Siri integration why in the hell would ANYONE pay for this?!


Nice interface


Overpriced, and unoriginal

Hi Henk, sorry you feel this way. It's understandable if you don't feel like Hark is any different from competitors, because at this point it's true that there's nothing mind-blowing about the app. As someone who's been looking for an alternative myself, I'm dedicated to the goal of making Hark News sound better than any other article reader out there. What's out right now works with minimum functionality, but it won't be like that forever. As to how this got so many votes, I'm not quite sure either
Well, Sara is a 17yo dev that has already a product on the portfolio. I mean, it’s an MVP and we can all see that. I believe the upvotes are for the effort and the potential. And if she even manage to sell it on an MVP phase, well, more power to her, innit? :)
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For an MVP this app is great, from a design and development standpoint, and you can tell that it has the foundations to become much more.


Clean, simple interface, easy to use, well-made app


None, looking forward to future updates

Thank you Angela for trying out Hark News! I look forward to hearing your opinions later on down the line.