Netflix + Hootsuite for self-directed investors

Hardbacon is an iPhone app that syncs with all your investment accounts, analyzes your portfolio and helps you become a better investor. The app lets you know in plain English where your portfolio is vulnerable. It also gives you access to premium data from Thomson Reuters and thematic lists of stocks, ETFs and model portfolios.

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Hey! Congrats on the Product Hunt launch gents. Quick question. Is it mainly for active investors or can I use it to analyse/diagnose the portfolio set up by my bank ? Thx.
Julien BraultMakerHiring@julienbrault1 · CEO at Hardbacon
@s_alberione Hi Sebastian. You don't need to be hyper active as an investor to benefit from the app. We support online brokerages as well as few robo-advisors and full service brokerages. So it depends what institutions you are investing with. Let us know here or by email at support@hardbacon.ca
François Levasseur@flevasseur · CTO, Kronos Technologies Inc.
Great app! Check it out!
Julien BraultMakerHiring@julienbrault1 · CEO at Hardbacon
@flevasseur Thanks a lot!
Ambroise Debret@dambroise · Growth Hacker & Product Owner
Great story, great team and a very promising app!
Julien BraultMakerHiring@julienbrault1 · CEO at Hardbacon
@dambroise Thanks a lot for your good word!
Phil (PA) Rivard@privard · UI aficionado + web design lover
Hi team, congrats on making it to PH! I was wondering if you thought about a partnership with Mylo (or other similar apps) to help me better understand where Mylo invested my money.
Julien BraultMakerHiring@julienbrault1 · CEO at Hardbacon
@privard1 Good question. We are starting to add robo-advisors to the list of supported institutions. However, Mylo does not have an API at the moment. When they do, we will be happy to sync with mylo accounts within Hardbacon. @philipbarrar The ball is on your court :)
Hemanth Soni@hemanth_soni · Co-founder & CCO, REACH Diagnostics
Would be good to know that it is a paid app in advance - I had to download and sign up with my email before being asked to enter my credit card info. Pricing is nowhere on the website.
Julien BraultMakerHiring@julienbrault1 · CEO at Hardbacon
@hemanth_soni It's a very good point. It's mentioned in the App Store, but not in the website. We'll update the website shortly.