Happy Mitten - 41: Board Games, Business, and Philip DuBarry

Think about what's important: theme, stretch goals, and more

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An underlying theme to Philip's ideas in this episode is figuring out what's important to you, as a designer, and to your board game. Your game's theme should help players understand the rules. You may want to consider choosing a new theme if working with a particular publisher is especially important to you. The same applies to Kickstarter stretch goals. They can be difficult to get right, and you don't want to lose money on them, but depending on the nature of your game, they may not be important for the final product. I think this applies to businesses in general, but it's fun to hear specific examples applied to board games. Figure out what's important to your product and focus on that and don't worry about the rest. Just because someone else is doing something, doesn't mean it's important for you to do the same in your business.