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Very interesting to see how video game development relates to board games. @eriklgillespie What stood out to you in this episode?
@jakecrump Something I found really insightful about this episode required a little bit of listening between the lines. Matt and Stephanie both work with a lot of different people in the game industry so they have to be able to do some translation between one group (e.g. artists) terminology and another group's terms (e.g. management). I think having a professional background and experience being able to switch context effectively and keep pace with all of the aspects of game development would be really valuable in the board game industry, where many publishers consist of a small number of people taking on lots of roles and contracting the rest out to people all over the world. People working in video game development, startups, doing agile development, or really any other kind of business where you have to wear a lot of different hats every day have a special skill that is invaluable in the board game industry.