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#3 Product of the WeekFebruary 28, 2018

Hangouts Chat is an intelligent and secure communications tool, built for teams. From direct messages to group conversations, Chat makes team communication easy and efficient. Rolling out for all G Suite customers over the next week.

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  • Bas LeendersConsultant,

    Well integrated with G Suite, and a free addition; Very extendable


    Only intra-domain communications, "Not good enough" (yet?) to convince Slack users

    After EAP, I am still very excited for this new Google Cloud product! Hangouts Chat will open up group messaging to a much wider range of organizations than before. (There are so many orgs that DO have & love G Suite, but don't use Slack on an org-wide scale. Yes, I know that's hard to believe for the people in this community. ;)

    While during the EAP it was obvious why you couldn't connect to users from other G Suite domains, sadly that's still not possible. The integration with 'classic' Hangouts could be better too: Group-messages should sync as well, like the 'private' messages.

    Bas Leenders has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    It's Hangouts...


    no new features

    no added security, no end-to-end encryption option - useless for EU

    no real desktop app for integration

    I don't know - I think Google has really a big problem whats important and what not. I don't see that I or any company will really use it, except when they use hangouts already. I moved any private stuff and especially work related stuff to slack or WhatsApp.

    I would have welcomed if they would improve GoogleMail or would have improved hangouts in general for all users instead of making a half baked attempt with this.

    Michael Klein has used this product for one month.


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Hayden Evans@hayden_evans
Another day, another messaging product from Google. Google Hangouts Chat. Their approach to messaging is so confusing at this point that just the name sounds ridiculous. It’s like a collection of all their prior failed attempts in a list. Next year it will be Google Allo Duo Hangouts Chat.
Adheen Ajay@adheen_ajay · AI Engineer
@hayden_evans At least this time, Google decided not to go ahead with a new app name. We should appreciate that. :D
Hayden Evans@hayden_evans
@adheen_ajay Don't worry, they'll just release a new app with a new name that does the same thing in a few months at Google I/O. And once again, people will be confused about which one they should use, the user base will be split amongst two competing ideas, and Google will kill both off a year later after both fail to gain significant traffic over the other. Rinse and repeat.
Adheen Ajay@adheen_ajay · AI Engineer
@hayden_evans Hah! Lol. Google started this journey with GTalk, right? That was for text alone. Then Hangout: for text, images, and later live video, Allo: for the same but with google assistant- and without live video isn't? Now new Hangouts Chat for GSuite. Did I miss anything here?
Catalin Pop@catapop84
@hayden_evans I actually liked Google Talk when it was launched 15 years ago as a response to Yahoo messenger(if anyone remember). I liked the app, the name, it was nice, clean, fast. Not sure why they didn't invest more time in that direction .
Scott JohnstonMaker@happyinwater · Product Lead, G Suite, Google
@hayden_evans My goal is to launch 9 more Google messaging apps this quarter, but I've only managed to launch Hangouts Chat and it is just the next gen Hangouts product. So I might not be getting exceeds expectations this cycle.
Nick AbouzeidHiring@nickabouzeid · Words at Product Hunt ✌️
Very cool @mulligan! What are the advantages of using Hangouts Chat over Slack? What features are you most excited about?
Pedro Vieira@w1tch_ · CS Student.
@mulligan @nickabouzeid I'd like to know this as well. I've been using Slack for a long time but now this space is so crowded that all seem the same.
Mike@mike_seekwell ·
@mulligan @nickabouzeid One advantage is having conversations within a doc (e.g. Google Sheets or Docs) while a group is editing and keeping the conversation tied to that document. I could see that being helpful for documenting decisions.
Jeff Eisley@jeffeisley · I talk about apps on YouTube <3
Google Talk Google Voice Google/Android Messages Google Wave Google Plus (Huddle & Hangouts) Google Hangouts Google Allo Google Duo Google Hangouts Meet Google Hangouts Chat Google Chat I think this list explains it all!
Hayden Evans@hayden_evans
@jeffeisley WTF is Hangouts Meet? LOL
Alexey Fedorov@afedorovn · CEO, Startpack
@jeffeisley LOL. You forgot Google Message and Google Plus. :)
Scott JohnstonMaker@happyinwater · Product Lead, G Suite, Google
Jeff Eisley@jeffeisley · I talk about apps on YouTube <3
@hayden_evans Essentially the video component competitor to Slack & Skype -->
Jeff Eisley@jeffeisley · I talk about apps on YouTube <3
@afedorovn Oh damn, you're right! Good catch
Matt Scott Crum@mattscottcrum · Project Manager & Tech Adviser, UMCOM
Still showing up as apart of an EAP for me.
Matt Scott Crum@mattscottcrum · Project Manager & Tech Adviser, UMCOM
It's opened up for me now!
ronsheridan@ronsheridan · Startup Wannabe
This is going to be interesting. I use (because a friend made it) and I use Slack a lot, but I will try this as I am a big Google Apps user and use it on all my teams. Google entering this space means the space has become very real to them. However, we have seen Google make big entrances in big spaces and then slink out with their tail behind their legs (Google Plus, Google Keep etc). But given Google's dominance in apps, email etc, I see them being able to gain some traction here. Pass the popcorn...
Duarte Martins@duarteosrm · Founder,
@ronsheridan What's wrong with google keep?
ronsheridan@ronsheridan · Startup Wannabe
@duarteosrm I did not say there was anything wrong with Keep. To be clear, I don't see anything "wrong" with Keep. I was trying to make the point that Keep was Google's answer to a big market (Evernote, OnePoint etc...), and while it did jump out of the water in grand fashion, it quickly ended up as a shiny object floundering on the shore. While Keep is clearly not dead and has a strong community of users, it's performance has been underwhelming imo. In fact, after Keep's launch, I started a blog about Keep. But I quickly lost interest. It seems that a lot of others did as well.
Duarte Martins@duarteosrm · Founder,
@ronsheridan Fair enough. I personally never saw it as a competitor to those more complete note taking apps, more a cloud based competitor to Apple Notes.