Faster Access to Google Hangouts

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@_jacksmith, fastest man in the west
@ZackShapiro faster would have been posting it at 12:00, but meh, this'll do ;)
Super simple 'product' to make it simpler to start google hangouts. It's a problem that shouldn't exist really, but sadly is a problem. description from the creator: "I created this website to deal with a very simple and common scenario. At work we use hipchat and sometimes I need to have a call with coworkers I do not have on my own gmail/hangouts contacts. Everytime I need to create a call to invite them I need to go to, wait that the hangouts sidebar loads after 5 seconds, move the mouse to the bottom right corner, wait for the "Start a video Hangout" button to appear and finally click it so that the google hangouts application appears and I can copy the hangouts link."
Neat tool! Slack solves this pretty well with their Hangouts integration. It's as simple as typing /hangout. Not very useful if you use hipchat though :)
This is a great alfred workflow that makes it insanely easy to start a google hangout: It also copies the hangout link to your clipboard automatically
Thanks for posting it here :) I will keep an eye on product hunt