The easiest way to send authentic handwritten cards.

1. Specify one recipient, upload a whole list using our easy spreadsheet template, or integrate with Zapier.
2. Choose from our selection of cards & handwriting, or add your own.
3. Write your message. Once you hit send, we write & send your card!
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10 Reviews5.0/5
We wanted a way to automate handwritten cards, but to do it in the most genuine way possible. We built out an AI that uses real handwriting, so that you could send cards with your real handwriting. We made it so that you could use your own stationery. And we made it to be developer friendly and easy to use! See you there :)
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It's pretty cool how they generate the handwriting on the fly to mimic the natural variation in human handwriting -- it doesn't feel at all like reading a "handwriting" font, it feels like reading a handwritten letter. Props to the Handwrite team.
@anthonycastrio Anthony, exactly. Thank you for mentioning this and for the support!
Can't wait to utilize this to do customer appreciation! Keep up the good work!
@nick_huber1 Thank you, Nick!
Super high quality. Cost seemed high at first, but after thinking about the actual value of it, it's not actually that expensive. Super cool tech.
@rwcobbjrgmailcom Thank you for the kind words Rob :)
This sounds like a really good way for companies to do CRM in a genuine way. lol i'd pay money to receive a handwritten card instead of email spam.