People shake hands all the time, but we're not very good at it. Think flaky friends, clients, and deals that fall through.. here's a better way to shake!

Handshake is an app that transcribes commitment into code, and immortalizes promises on the blockchain. This creates an eternal, unchangeable record of intent - without fear of forgery or fraud.

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UPDATE (August 2018): Hey guys! Handshake is no longer on the app store - we are working on integrating these beloved features into a new, bigger dApp - that is all about exchanges/agreements of every kind. It's got prediction markets, cash to coin exchanges, and lots more coming soon! Mobile web only, so no downloads and no sign ups! Check out the new evolved Handshake: Duy --- Hi Hunters! Since medieval times, we’ve tried a range of spit, pen and electronic methods to establish trust and record commitment - all with varying degrees of success. So, this is our contribution to the history of the handshake. We put it on the blockchain! This release is for the everyday verbal agreements, informal IOUs and friendly challenges between friends, partners and sworn enemies - that keep society chugging along. Handshake lives on the testnet because we really wanted it to be accessible and usable by everyone - so no gas fees, no tokens, and no coins required. It does take two to handshake, so we hope you’ll give it a go! We are a little nervous and super excited to hear what you think. Make yours the first cryptographic handshakes in history! Duy
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@duyhtq looks cool! There's a typo on the first image of your App Store page btw. The word "penalty" is spelt wrong.
@anodigital good catch! submitting the new image to the app store now :)
@duyhtq I would like to continue the usage of the app, is there something some idea to make it open source etc? or can you recommend a replacement?
Cool. Before I download it, does it take long to set up and shake? The process for crypto apps is sometimes kinda tedious..
@d_qu_c_d_t not long at all - you'll just need to sign in with your email address and create an agreement like you would write a text - then just tap to sign and send!

This app is a great introduction to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as the userface is simple and its so easy to use.


Quirky and fun idea


none yet

I can see myself using this among tech friends for fun. IF they add more functions like attaching outside documents, it could be a lot more than that, maybe actually useful in business.


It's a unique concept


Not sure who it's made for

Great product. I love seeing more blockchain products being design for everyday use. As a blockchain writer I get pitched a lot of ideas, that are not practical or easy for the everyday user. Can't wait for it to hit the mainnet.
@sallyalbright11 thanks - that's great to hear! it was really important to us that this product wasn't just for the crypto crowd. the best technology is invisible!