Handmade Tea

Unique loose leaf tea blends delivered monthly

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Hey! I'm Caleb the founder of Handmade Tea. Feel free to comment and/or drop me an email if you have any questions at all - caleb@handmadetea.com
Hey, @calebrown! This reminds me of Craft Coffee, a monthly coffee subscription service I've used before. Handmade Tea is particularly appealing to me (the naive tea drinker) as a way to learn and discover tea that I might like. How did it get started?
@rrhoover I had been a long-time tea drinker that started getting into cooking more often. I'd usually try and make a tea on the fly using ingredients I was cooking with. This made me curious about high quality tea blends out there. Shockingly, I couldn't seem to find much at all. That was pretty much the start of it, I knew high quality loose leaf blends were possible using all-natural ingredients so about 2 years ago I started Handmade Tea.
As a former customer, I love both Caleb and Handmade Tea!
For any UK people, you can also check out http://www.teastorks.com/ . I can ping one of the founders if you have any specific questions! @calebrown What percentage of Americans drink tea regularly? Tea seems to be much more common abroad.