Get notified when a Twitter username becomes available

#4 Product of the DayJuly 16, 2018

Handlescout is a free service that notifies you by email when your desired Twitter username becomes available.

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Hello everyone! 😑 Problem: I created Handlescout after personal frustrations with unavailable Twitter usernames. 😌 Solution: Handlescout automates the process of checking Twitter username availability and notifies you by email when the availability status changes. πŸ’Έ Price: FREE! From idea to launch, the project took about 10 days to complete (after work hours). If you're interested in the technical stack, you can find out more about it here: https://stackshare.io/byteboomer... Thank you for checking out Handlescout!
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UPDATE: πŸ“ˆ Current statistics, +- 12 hours after launch: πŸ‘ͺ + 1300 users πŸ”­ + 3000 tracked handles 😻 + 200 @ProductHunt votes πŸ’• I'm a happy toucan!
@krolsbjorn hey, that stackshare link is broken, I'm curious about the tech stack
@krolsbjorn But will they ever become available πŸ€” Twitter has a policy that guards these inactive accounts and getting them without having a registered trademark is close to impossible (believe me, I've tried) πŸ™ƒ So to be clear, this just keeps checking to see if the person has changed their username and notifies you if they do? Nothing to do with checking inactivity and how to apply for a request etc?
Hello @amrith, I know the pain, been there 😞 You correctly identified the *current* scope of the project, which to me seemed like an obvious starting point, but I'm very much open to extending the product to further increase it's success rate.
@krolsbjorn I hope you do! But I'm not sure how you'd identify and prove inactivity based on if a user as logged in or not, that's not publicly available πŸ€”
@amrith @krolsbjorn if you were to scope creep the project yourself, what were some ideas that popped up along the way?
@moeamaya Thank you for your question πŸ‘ Couple of ideas I considered: convincing account owners to give up their name, assist username claims via trademark laws, retrieval of usernames attached to expired domains, auto-claim the account and squat it on behalf of the user, auto suggest additional usernames based on the submitted one, etc...
@krolsbjorn I like it! It's a similar model to park.io who grabs expired .io domains and resells them (doing $1M/yr btw). If you could automate reaching out to old handles to give them up (and maybe with a lil cash), this could be super lucrative!! Really into this idea a lot now πŸ‘
Need something like this for domain names!
@booligoosh There are plenty! DomainWatch by @benjam1n is my favorite πŸ’―
Do you plan on keeping this service free forever?
@isiahhill The automated checks at at their current frequency (1 per hour) will always be free πŸ‘
Well done Bjorn! Since this is focused on Twitter, have you considered registering with Twitter and receiving a tweet instead?
@guillaumebardet Thank you πŸ‘Š I did, and it's not out of the question, but I had some doubts because A) sending PMs on Twitter programmatically doesn't work when people turn them off and B) publicly broadcasting updates might not be suitable for those who want to keep their desired names as secret as possible. I am however considering creating a Twitter account where I'd broadcast all status updates for 3-letter accounts that are not yet registered by users πŸ€”. Cheers!
@krolsbjorn Oh right, that makes sense. That could be interesting as well! Have you considered adding additional social networks in the future?
@guillaumebardet We are exploring new methods and other networks πŸ—Ί Got a favorite network in a mind?
@krolsbjorn Yup, twitter so that's out of the way :) In terms of demand I would probably guess IG next but I have no data to back that up lol.